Monday, June 1, 2009

The spread of Tele-facing

Tele-facing is finding its feet quiet well in the Indian fundraising market. Already UNICEF, CRY, Plan and Oxfam are using the technique to recruit huge number of donors.

The other day, I was pleasantly surprised when a facer from Oxfam visited my office to collect my Pledge Form and extolled about virtues of Tele-facing.He even made a pitch that my organisation also use the same.

On May 30th at a Fundraising Masterclass organised by South Asian Fundraising Group in New Delhi, Naresh Kakkar, Head of Syrex Infoservices, the agency that does Tele-facing for several non-profits in India, presented on how the tool could recruit and retain donors. And monthly pledge donors at that.

Click through the slides below to know more about Tele-facing

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Bineesh E M said...

Hi Anup,
Thanks for writing about the telephasing of Samarthanam. Would like to get in touch with as the one who initiated and managed the entire fundraising and including the tele-sales process for two years. Please let me know your contact details. Presently i am moving to Delhi to join a reputed non-profit as the head of fundraising. Would like to have some inputs from you about Delhi market.

my id is

thanks and Cheers!

Bineesh E M