Thursday, August 19, 2010

More NGOs start to use Tele-facing

A Facer leaves for his appointment with the donor 

Tele-facing which is a hybrid of telephone and face to face fundraising has found more takers amongst Indian NGOs.

World Vision which has an impressive record in Child Sponsorships in India and abroad, has added Tele-facing to its armour. Working through two outsourced agencies, one in Bangalore and other in New Delhi, it is still early days of Tele-facing at the NGO.

The other international NGO that uses Tele-facing but prefers to call it telephone fundraising only is Save the Children. To each his own!

SOS Children's Villages, a leading international NGO providing loving homes to children, also is running a Tele-facing pilot. All the best.

I just came across a bit on Akshay Patra's fundraising effort on a blog, the posting being titled, " They call it Tele-facing". Read more at

GreenPeace too has been using Tele-facing for a while.

It is perfectly making sense for NGOs in India, resulting in monies and donors. It is time it is taken out to other countries in South Asia, atleast.